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Real Estate

The Real Estate Team at Menear Worrad & Associates is ready to provide you with knowledgeable and highly skilled services for your real property transaction.  We have more than 20 years of experience helping home buyers, home sellers, as well as commercial and industrial clients with their real estate demands.  Our Real Estate Team has handled many thousand real estate files building up a competence and proficiency to deal with every type of difficulty or challenge which may arise in a real estate transaction.


We act for a range of real estate clientele, including first-time buyers, experienced real estate entrepreneurs, mortgage lenders, banks, financial institutions and private lenders.  The Menear Worrad Real Estate Team has experience in dealing with problems which arise and difficulties that commonly occur during the purchase or sale of property, including boundary disputes, by-law infractions, by-law variances, encroachments, easements, rights-of-way, potable water and sewage disposal questions, environmental matters, financing issues and many other matters.  We work with several title insurance companies where warranted.

Our office is fully automated and equipped to search titles and to electronically register real estate documents, in jurisdictions where the Registry Office is equipped to handle these functions.  We have trained and experienced legal assistants using state of the art equipment who are able to provide you with services in a timely fashion and at competitive rates.

The Menear Worrad Real Estate Team routinely handles "out of the ordinary" real estate matters such as municipal and other governmental transactions, estate and trustee conveyancing, rural transactions, the purchase and sale of cottage properties, and mortgage actions (foreclosure and power of sale).


The Menear Worrad Real Estate Team has particular expertise in the handling of commercial real estate transactions.  We are conversant with the needs of buyers, sellers and lenders in the sale and purchase of industrial, commercial and office buildings.  We have successfully negotiated, prepared, and completed all types of agreements of purchase and sale, financing agreements and various other types of contractual arrangements arising from industrial, commercial, and other deals.  This includes sophisticated leasing arrangements.


As federal, provincial and municipal zoning and planning requirements become more complicated and sophisticated, it is important that the law firm representing you is up to date and capable of meeting these requirements.  This may entail appearances before the local planning board, the committee of adjustment, the land division committee and the zoning authorities in the municipality.  Our Team represents developers, businesses and private homeowners with respect to such planning and zoning matters.  We will appear before the local zoning authorities and city council.  We will assist on appeals to the Ontario Municipal Board and the courts.  The lawyers on our Team enjoy friendly and respected relations with the local municipal planners, municipal committees, and the local city and county councils.  The Menear Worrad Real Estate Team keeps aware of provincial legislation and municipal requirements involving all aspects of planning, as well as local by-laws and official plans.

The real estate lawyers and support staff of Menear Worrad & Associates invite you to contact our law firm today to meet with one of our lawyers to provide you with the advice and services you will need.  Our goal is to achieve your goal.