Menear Worrad & Associates

Areas of Practice

Family Law

The breakdown of a marriage, and any other intimate relationship, occasions a profound personal crisis having legal, financial, moral, emotional, and even religious consequences for the parties involved. 
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Real Estate

The Real Estate Team at Menear Worrad & Associates is ready to provide you with knowledgeable and highly skilled services for your real property transaction.
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Wills, Estates, and Trusts

Menear Worrad & Associates offers a full range of Estate services including the making of Wills, drafting Power of Attorney documents, assistance in formulating an overall Estate plan, the administration of an Estate in the event of death, establishing Trusts, and conducting court cases relating to these matters. 
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Business/Corporate Law

Establishing and maintaining a business presents many problems and tasks of varying complexity.  Whether readily understood or confusing, Menear Worrad & Associates are undoubtedly familiar with them.  Whether advising upon formation or establishment of a business endeavour or determining through what form of legal entity that endeavour should be conducted, Menear Worrad & Associates seeks to be a worthwhile investment.
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